I was grateful to be able to join other University of Oregon Journalism School Alumni in presenting stories about work and life to tomorrow’s prospective students.

I talked about being a manager, working in an interesting hybrid role as a Content Strategist, and gave some advice on how to get the most out of their college education and the workforce.

The participants were looking forward to their college careers, with some eyeing the University of Oregon’s Journalism School. I was glad to tell my stories and answer questions.

Seeing the old campus

I actually went to Eugene, Oregon that day with my younger brother. He decided to take the day off to come watch me speak and to just catch up on the road and over some lunch together. I loved the company.

A ton of memories flooded my mind as I took the exit into Downtown Eugene. I hadn’t visited much, so there were a lot of new buildings and fresh coats of paint everywhere to me.

Answering some tough questions

The event was a lot of fun and I’m glad to be of help to younger folks. I appreciated the tough questions by a few folks of color in the audience. They definitely did not hold any punches back. Questions included where to focus if you can’t afford internships because you need to work to make ends meet, how to succeed as a minority voice, and other things that tugged at my heartstrings and challenged me.

I hope I gave some solid advice. :) I would 300% do this again if welcomed back.