[EDITOR’S NOTE, April 2018: Little did I know that marriage and becoming a parent would obliterate any sense of normal blogging cadence.]

Going back over the course of my blogging lifespan (14 years now privately and professionally!), I think I do this apologetic post once per year. There’s always that time of the year where I decide to hunker down and ship. Work, work, work.

When that happens, the writing slows to a crawl. No posts happen. I can’t even head over to a local PDX event to catch some cool new tool or hop into a content strategy discussion. But, enough of my whining!

I’ll let you in on what’s been up if you’re curious about my silence:

  • I moved. My wife-to-be and I bought a house in the way Southeast after a brief stint downtown for two years. I still work downtown though, so feel free to get in touch to chat or grab a bite!
  • I’m getting married. October 12th, 2013. <3
  • I’m tightening up the ole personal brand. I figure it’s time to sharpen the very spartan representation of myself that I currently have on the web (e.g. andrewnhem.com).

Exciting, right? I hope that if you’re someone who visits this blog from time to time that you won’t forget about me and that’ll you’ll check in. I’m getting used to this new life and finally am carving out time to catch up with documenting my thoughts, work examples, and other thoughtful things.

All right. Let’s get back to the hustle.