Some posts are quick because the work speaks for itself. I also have a soft spot for authors who write ridiculous love letters to their fans in the form of digital goodies:

I’ve got to congratulate J.K. Rowling for doing all of her fans a huge favor with Pottermore. The digital encyclopedia-like site looks like it will be a great accompaniment to any Potter fan looking to read the series for the first time, or to reacquaint themselves with Rowling’s amazing lore. Pottermore is a great example of improving an audience’s experience with Harry Potter content with novel, relevant content and the premiere of the Potter books in a digital format.

I praise Rowling’s gumption to launch Pottermore, taking a brave step into improving the reading experience for her fans. The movies and their subsequent marketing blitzes and merchandise bonanzas don’t really improve the original Potter experience in my opinion. Yeah, you get to see the film industries’ interpretation of the characters, and buy stuff for yourself or your kids, but the original works are left untouched.

Instead, Pottermore will give readers extra goodies and insights that Rowling had while creating the series. This behind-the-scenes content will add a new layer to the experience of reading the books.

I’ve got to wonder if Rowling had this strategy for her content all along. Without this augmenting piece, the options for her content would have been to sunset them, or to re-release them in newer, collector’s edition volumes. You know, before they go “back into the vault” for a undisclosed amount of time (at the chagrin of fans and critics, of course).

Hmm, to re-read or not to re-read? What’s next for the boy who lived?