When opportunity knocks and it shows up with a box of new challenges that you really want to tackle, well, you tackle them.

Throughout this year and the last, I’ve written about the intersection of data science, content, and personalization as Sr. Content Strategist and Chief Editor of the Lytics blog. I even nerded out a bit about personalized and adaptive content.

In that Time I've

  • Started the Lytics blog (with some key partners), encouraging all teams, including Engineering, Sales, and Data Science, to contribute content that helps persuade our audiences to try Lytics out.
  • Contributed boatloads of web content, both for the main site, product content, integrations pages, docs, user assistance content, email assistance content, transactional content, and even internal docs.
  • Helped level up the Lytics Marketing Machine to live up to the kind of modernized content workflow they want other companies to use

So What's Next?

I’m moving on to become the Sr. Content Strategist at Cloudability now. Wish me luck on a new adventure!

Before I head out, here are two more juicy personalized content pieces that I had to write about before taking off.

Personalized Email Is More Than a Name: An Exploration

Even email needs some love. This piece is my look at how, with the right data, we can supercharge email, giving it a whole new impact with the power of relevant user data and the right email tools in place.

Go beyond the basic user persona and read on to see how we put email on steriods and level up the personalization. HINT: This works on other kinds of digital content, too!

How Do You Build Your Marketing Stack?

After reading a market research piece that analyzed the layout of marketing stacks in the industry, I felt that the Customer Data Platform (what Lytics is) was poorly underrepresented. Take a look at this walkthrough of different marketing stacks and why the CDP is the best one for any job that requires a personal and adaptive content touch.

"Can we see the work?"

If you’ve read this post, or the last one, I’ve been talking a lot about the personalized and adaptive content work at Lytics. One of these days, when I have the time, I’ll put that portfolio together.