Who's heading to San Jose, California this week for Intelligent Content Conference 2014?

I'll be there, ready to learn all kinds of new stuff about content strategy, planning, and management. I haven't been to a content conference in a while, so I'm definitely due for a few days of diving deep into creating better content strategies, planning, methodologies, and meeting other people who want to do the same.

Intelligent Content Conference 2014 goes from February 26th through 28th, featuring presentations and discussions by working professionals specializing in content strategy, content management, translation and globalization, change management, and technical writing. This year's theme is "Breaking Down Barriers," which I assume refers to silos that often hinder cooperation and communication of content.

If you're heading there this week, please let me know. I'd love to meet up with you in-person!

What I'm looking forward to during #ICC2014:

Small Business Case Studies

As a content strategist at a small telecommunications company, I'll be looking for case studies that can help me rethink how I approach content planning, development, marketing, and management at a smaller firm. Of course, I won't ignore case studies by the big companies that are doing content well.

I've been at my role for a while now, and would love to hear about other smaller organizations and their content methodologies, adventures, challenges, and to meet these strategists in-person.

It would be AWESOME to meet another content strategist who works in telecommunications.

Refreshing My Methodology

The last time I was at a conference, I listened closely to Sarah Beckley of Razorfish and Kevin P. Nichols of Sapient Nitro at Content Strategy Workshops 2012 when they presented a part of their content strategy toolkit. They shared key protocols and tools that shaped their successful projects and made this information accessible to attendees.

I use these assets for every project I take on nowadays. I'm super thankful.

At Intelligent Content Conference 2014, I'm hoping that more content professionals bring some fresh tools and templates to share with participants. Nothing kicks off new content initiatives confidently than knowing that you have a robust set of tools to work with.

See You There

I'll be reppin' Portland this week over in San Jose during ICC 2014. If you want to meet up for some coffee, a drink, or a bite, please let me know. It'll be a great week of learning from fellow content-minded folks. I can't tell you how much this Oregon kid is looking forward to some warmer weather!