The better we can model our content from the get-go, the fewer problems we’ll encounter as our projects grow. The less trouble we run into during content maintenance, the quicker we can also get to value for our teams or business.

Very thankful to share my views and methods on content modeling with the audience at CSPDX

I was super flattered when the CSPDX crew asked me to talk about content modeling for one of our meetups. Putting my IA/content hat on, I walked through examples of content models and what kind of potentials they can unlock!

EDITOR’S NOTE: During some migration of my own content, I’ve misplaced the slides :( I’ll find them soon.

Here are some kind Tweets from folks who attended the event:

Looking Forward to Learning More from Everyone

The questions that I received were great and really got me thinking about other ways to improve my own modeling. It’s this kind of sharing of what’s “under the hood” and asking one another the hard questions that lets us all grow.

I can’t wait for the next event!