My infrequency of posting is getting pretty out of hand. That’s only because I’ve been keeping myself busy with all kinds of projects.

That’s a great thing, right?

From designing a user interface for a wireless controller with all kinds of surveillance bells and whistles, to launching a website for my employer, I’ve definitely have had my hands full. There’s also running the marketing department and building our premiere Event Wi-Fi service.

Oh… and wedding planning. Come October, I’ll be a married man!

One of the scarier moments as of late.

Back on February 12th, I got the chance to talk to a User Experience class about Content Strategy. It wasn’t my first time speaking in front of people, but definitely my first time talking about Content Strategy to a group of strangers.

It was a pretty engaged group for an evening class– no one fell asleep! We talked about what CS can and can’t do and some case study and industry examples. To be honest, it wasn’t as structured as I wanted it to be. I babbled a lot. However, I got the chance to help a few individuals. One was about to head over to a job interview in Texas, while another was trying to build a case for CS with their employer. I was happy to give advice!

Talking about CS makes me realize how little I know.

Which is a great thing. There’s always room to grow!

Talking about recent projects and whatnot made me think about my methodology and how much more it can improve. The final question asked by the crowd during my little gig was where CS fit in the overall world of User Experience. My answer was definitely contested (I told everyone that CS can be a communicative conduit between user research, data structure/management and content development and governance, or something to that extent). Contestation is awesome. You debate, you argue, you open your mind and learn way more.

I recommend taking on any kind of speaking engagement about whatever you’re passionate in. Not just to test your courage, but to challenge your view on your craft. Everyone’s got room to grow. Even the masters.

Big thanks to the UX evening class at the Portland Art Institute for hearing me out. And look out, world. I’m practicing my CS chops. Can’t wait to wrap up some recent telecommunications content action and talk shop even more.