In a world of SaaS and online sass, we’re all on a mission to be first to tweet report, to optimize, to A/B test. Publishing speed, iterative processes, and character limits dominate our thoughts as we craft language and wordsmith.

In Word Up!, Marcia Riefer Johnston reminds us that we can still play with language and that we can access word-crafting ingenuity and flexibility, even in this urgent world. She emphasizes empowering ourselves with language uncontrolled by rigid I/O rules of the digital tools that we use.

The chapters of Word Up! read at a blog-like cadence. Rich nuggets of writing wisdom are encased in stories and anecdotes. Some stories are reminders of key writing rules that we may have forgotten. Some are nudges to play and explore, to own language.

Word Up! enchants as much as it taps you on the shoulder to remind you of ways to supercharge writing, and to harness control of our always-on-the-move English language.

Whether you write for a living, or live to write, this is a book worth your time. Check her blog out, too.